So Many Channels, So Much Money!

How many of these channels do you watch?


Do you watch every single channel on your cable subscription? Do you know that even though you do not watch it you are still paying the cable company for access to it? In a recent LA Times article from December 1st, it said that nearly half of the monthly cable or satellite bill goes to sports channels. This rise in prices is because some sports leagues signing exclusive deals with channels to air games and content solely on their channels. The most expensive channel for most people is ESPN. Customers are paying around $5 of their average bill monthly bill to be able to watch ESPN. This is compared to around the $1 it costs to watch Disney channel and the $0.57 to watch CNN every month. ESPN has always had a high subscription fee because that is what they negotiated with all of the cable companies. The rise in prices comes from higher fees for regional sports networks that carry local sports or international soccer games.

The prices are just going to go up too. According to NDP Group, a market research company, they expect prices to go up nearly 40% on average to a monthly bill of around $125 just to watch TV! As prices continue to rise, should a pay per view system be setup? I feel that this would be a good alternative because you only pay for the channels you want to watch. I am not going to watch channels like HGTV, Style network, or Disney Channel. So, I should not have to pay for the channels. According to the LA times article, cable executives argue that a you-pick system would actually cost more because companies would have to raise prices to make up for the loss in subscribers. I do not know if I agree with this. I mean, I see their point but, if you have a you-pick system it would make customers happier because you are letting them choose what they want. I know a lot of people who have given up on their cable box or satellite because it came just too expensive to have. They only watched a certain number of channels and couldn’t keep affording the high rates for channels they did not watch.

So, do you like your current cable setup? Would you want a you-pick system? I think it’s only a matter of time before cable companies and satellite TV companies switch to a system like a you-pick. There are so many channels out there, no one can possibly watch them all or know about all of them. It seems like every time I channel surf I stumble upon a new network. Will it ever end?


LA Times article, December 1st by Joe Flint and Meg James,0,5996855,full.story


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